The Button Affair


Secret agents, lovers, robberies, and car chases


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The Button Affair is a stylish endless runner where you play Enzo, a secret spy who has to escape the crime scene after committing a huge robbery.

The game has three different chapters (with different settings), and a prologue. In each you're witness to different parts of the game's story, which is quite a lot more entertaining and elaborate than in most other games in this genre.

As you escape, you have to avoid all types of obstacles; if you fail, you'll see a series of deadly sequences. Lasers, falls, shots to the chest, prisons, armored doors ... there are lots of obstacles to overcome.

One thing that stands out in The Button Affair are the graphics. It has a minimalist aesthetic with a lot of style and super fluid animations. The game is proper delight to the eye, and the soundtrack is brilliant, too.

The Button Affair is a really fun platformer combining an excellent gameplay that demands a lot of skill with excellent graphics and a super entertaining storyline.
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